Football Manager 2020 player count doubles as real-world sports are shut down

While real-world sports are being canceled left and right, the Football Manager 2020 player count has taken off like a rocket. The combination of a free week of play and a lack of pro soccer (and most other sports) to watch on the telly has formed a perfect storm for Football Manager 2020.

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has caused many countries to restrict public gatherings and this naturally includes real-world sports. While some sports are opting to play their games without fans, others are canceling their games entirely. Either way, fans are missing out on the real-world experience of enjoying games in-person.

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That’s where the brilliant move from SEGA and Sports Interactive comes in. Last Wednesday, they kicked off an upward trend in the Football Manager 2020 player count by launching a free week of play. Average players jumped from 47,552 to 58,225 according to Steam Charts. The peak player count was even more impressive, increasing by more than double from 82,413 to 180,838.

Unlike similar events, there is no discount on purchasing Football Manager 2020 just yet. That said, players are pouring hundreds of hours into the game, and more than a few of them will probably decide that the $49.99 price tag is well worth their hard-earned money. You can get in on the action by playing Football Manager 2020 for free on Steam until Wednesday, April 1 (originally March 25), at 3:00 PM GMT.

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H/T Daniel Ahmad