UK’s National Videogame Museum in danger of closure from pandemic lockdown

The UK National Videogame Museum has only been open for a year and a half, but it’s already in danger of closing down. The current pandemic that’s put the UK (and other countries) on lockdown is causing the National Videogame Museum’s funding to dry up — and they desperately need your help.

“Despite 40,000 visitors in 2019, we have no safety net of funding to ensure our new charity outlasts a prolonged shutdown,” read a statement on the museum’s fundraiser page. “The UK is in danger of losing this unique venue with nearly 100 playable exhibits, school workshops and family events.”

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The museum is seeking £80,000 in funding ($93,293/€86,456) in funding to help keep their doors open in this trying time. Currently, the United Kingdom is enforcing the closure of non-essential businesses due to the current global health pandemic. While this lockdown may be ending in a few weeks, it could also last for longer; either way, the museum may end up having to close down due to lack of funding.

“Please help fund the Museum so it can outlast this global pandemic and continue its important cultural and educational work,” the fundraiser implores.

You can help keep the doors open of this important cultural fixture by donating to the Save the National Videogame Museum campaign on JustGiving.

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