Xbox Game Bar update adds widgets to the interface

The Xbox Game Bar is evolving and finally implemented one oft-requested feature: widgets. Instead of tabbing to a different window to handle separate features, players can soon use widgets to do the same thing. While there are probably more widgets on the way, Microsoft teased some apps like Notepad, Xsplit Gamecaster, Razer Cortex: System Booster, and Spotify but did not divulge many details on the latter. Xbox Insiders can check out the update right now, but others will get it in the “near future.”

Microsoft revealed that this was something it brought in because of the community and there’s even a widget for the widget store. This will let players easily find, update, and manage their suite of widgets.

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While listening to music or taking notes might be useful for most people, this will also help streamers. Microsoft revealed it will have the Xsplit Gamecaster widget that will let streamers have easy access to stream-specific features like the chat, stats, live events, and encoding settings. You can even choose what feature goes where on the widget bar.

Xbox Game Bar update adds widgets to the interface

PC owners will also likely like the Razer Cortex: System Booster, which is also available now. It’ll let players analyze what they can close on their PC to make sure their games have the most power. Since it is Razer, you can earn Razer Silver to use on different objects in the store once you’ve earned enough currency. The widget even a deals tab that lets you find the best prices on PC games.

Microsoft also made it clear that this is just the beginning since it is releasing the beta version of the SDK today and letting developers make their own widgets. Hopefully, this will greatly expand what the Xbox Game Bar will be able to do on PC.