Sea of Thieves update finally brings cats aboard your ship

Sea of Thieves has had quite the story since its rocky launch back in early 2018. While it has seen improvements like a Halo-themed ship setKey Seeker Voyages, and banjos, Rare finally unveiled probably the biggest addition yet: cats. Starting with the next update, players can now choose between three breeds of cat to board their ship: Wildcat, Ragamuffin, and Mau. This update should be available now.

One of the last updates introduced pets (which was announced via a vomit-soaked livestream) and this one merely expands upon that concept. The cats are customizable and will have their own Sovereign and Legendary outfits. They’ll also come in a variety of different colors, further expanding on the control you have over your feline. Players can find more bundles in the Emporium. While this is the first time cats will be in the game as pets, there has been concept art of the furry beasts out there for quite some time.

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There are, of course, more than just cats in this newest Sea of Thieves update. Players can now act like diplomatic emissaries for their favorite trading companies. Once players speak to that company’s representative, they’ll be able to do jobs for them, earning rewards along the way. Completing these missions boosts your grade which then yields even more rewards.

However, the teased faction, The Reaper’s Bones, will target your ship if you start doing emissary missions. Players can also work for The Reaper’s Bones but must target other emissary ships to keep their goodwill with the company. In essence, this is the most pirate-like of the factions, but comes with a questionable sense of morality.

This update will also bring forth changes to the Arena mode. The play time has been cut to 15 minutes and maps have been replaced by just one marked chest and a single cash-in location. According to Rare, this should make matches a bit more fast paced. Players can also revive others during a brief window of time, but that feature also is in the Adventure mode