Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters will be permanently banned, says Nintendo

If you’ve had to deal with Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters, you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo has just released some very good news: they’re going to start swinging the banhammer at some of your most annoying opponents in Pokemon Sword and Shield online play.

Some of you who have played competitive Pokemon over the Internet may have encountered one or two people disconnecting from matches to prevent a loss. Nintendo has become increasingly aware of the problem and they are now deploying a solution.

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Players who repeatedly disconnect from online battles “will be excluded from the ranking of future ranked battles and Internet competitions, and the right to participate in live competitions etc.,” according to the machine-translated announcement (via Reddit). That’s not all, though — these Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters may lose all of their access to online content, either temporarily or permanently.

Dealing with cheaters is always a pain and it’s good to see Nintendo taking it seriously. Hopefully, the threat of permanent bans will discourage people from purposefully disconnecting from online matches.