Don’t miss out: Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock is here

After weeks of waiting, a Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock is starting to pop back up at the popular online retailer. If you’re stuck at home and feeling that cabin fever, Ring Fit Adventure is probably the perfect Nintendo Switch game to get you moving again!

If you haven’t been keeping up with things, the ongoing pandemic has caused a fair few shortages in non-essentials. One of the hardest-hit companies was Nintendo; people are still trying to get their hands on the console itself or choice pieces of hardware. Now, a Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock has arrived for the U.K. — but U.S. gamers aren’t entirely out of options.

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The Amazon UK store has finally made Ring Fit Adventure available for sale once again. If you’re hoping to purchase it on the UK store and have it shipped overseas, you’ll be sad to hear that it’s not an option.

At the time of writing, the US store situation is pretty similar to the Nintendo Switch console: only third-party sellers have them available and they’re charging frankly insane prices for this popular exercise game. (I saw one listing at $300, nearly four times the retail price of $79.99.)

Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock third-party Ring-Cons

The key issue here is not the game insomuch as it is the hardware: Ring Fit Adventure requires the use of a “Ring-Con” controller, and that’s what’s causing the shortages for this game. It’s a terrible inconvenience for people stuck indoors, but U.S. gamers can get around the lack of a Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock in our area through another method — although it’s not exactly ideal.

For some silly reason, Nintendo has not made it possible to download Ring Fit Adventure from the eShop. I suppose it’s understandable considering the need for a controller, but it’s still a silly oversight on their part. However, players can still pick up third-party controllers.

Some of the reviews on these third-party controllers are hit or miss, so your mileage may vary with these devices.

Even if you do grab a third-party controller, though, you’ll still need to get a copy of the game itself. While it’s not available on Amazon, you may be able to find a boxed copy at a local retailer if you’re lucky. If not, we will hopefully see the Ring Fit Adventure Amazon restock come to the U.S. soon.

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