PlayStation Play at Home initiative is giving everyone two free PS4 games

While games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Doom Eternal, the Resident Evil 3 remake, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have all recently come out and helped players stay home, they are all new titles that cost money. Sony is looking to address that with its Play at Home initiative that offers two free PS4 games. Starting April 15 at 8 PM PT and ending on May 5 at 8 PM PT, Sony is letting anyone with a PSN account keep Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey on PS4 for no cost or subscription in an effort to get people to stay inside.

Sony announced this on the PlayStation Blog and described the two components of Play at Home: the giveaway and the donation. The giveaway is confined to those two aforementioned titles and since The Nathan Drake Collection contains the original Uncharted PS3 trilogy, that essentially means that Sony is giving players four full games.

All were natively PS3 titles and also given away on PlayStation Plus at one point (January 202o for the Uncharted Collection and September 2016 for Journey), but both are decent distractions for those who haven’t played them before. Keep in mind that PSN internet speeds have been slowed so it may take a bit to download all 43 GB of The Nathan Drake Collection.

Although not everyone will get to see Nathan Drake’s adventures. Those in China and Germany will be getting Knack 2 instead in addition to Journey. No reason was given for the swap.

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This effort is also helping some developers as well. Sony is looking to ease the economic hardship some creators are going through by setting aside $10 million to help its independent development partners. It did not specify which teams would get money, but Sony did say that more information will be coming soon.