Super Mario Odyssey 64 puts an old coat of paint on a new game

Nintendo might possibly be remastering a whole batch of Mario games for the Switch, but someone is doing almost the exact opposite. YouTuber, programmer, and game designer Kaze Emanuar recently released Super Mario Odyssey 64, a demake of the popular Switch platformer that makes the title look like it came out on the N64.

Emanuar uploaded the release trailer earlier today, which contains the proper download links. It is not a full demake, as it has only 80 Moons to collect, just a few of the worlds from the official title, and a handful of original touches. Regardless, it’s a decent approximation of what Odyssey would look and play like if it had first come out on the N64. It even oddly has the recently fixed broken smoke texture from Super Mario 64, which you can see in Emanuar’s beta test playthrough.

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This was also not a one-person show as he received help from users by the name of Biobak64, Imb Limbo, Teraok, Lezg, ColOkorn, Pilzinsel, and Sauraen as well as a whole host of testers who all worked together to create Super Mario Odyssey 64. The credits are cleverly in the wedding scene at the end.

Super Mario Odyssey 64 puts an old coat of paint on a new game

“I’m glad this is finally getting finished,” he said in his short run of the game. “This has been in work for so long because this was always a project on the side to my normal projects.”

Emanuar has seemingly been working on this in some capacity for years. He released a trailer on June 12, 2017 with the Odyssey physics inside of Super Mario 64 and then a few more in the next week or showing additional progress. There was then another video in May 2018 showing all of Odyssey‘s mechanics within 64 before there were more videos that debuted actual levels.

This isn’t the only time he’s done this with Mario games before. He has released Super Mario 64 Land and Super Mario Sunshine 64, which are also both N64 reimagings of those popular Mario titles, as well as a Mario game with a Portal-like mod, just to name a few as his Nintendo-based work is quite extensive.