Jason Schreier moves to Bloomberg News after Kotaku exit

Following Jason Schreier’s recent announcement that he was leaving Kotaku, he’s followed up with information on his new destination. He’ll soon be joining the tech reporting team at Bloomberg News, and he isn’t quite giving up on video games just yet.

“Stoked to announce that in mid-May I’ll be joining the talented, formidable tech team at Bloomberg News, where I’ll be reporting on the weird, wild world of video games — business, culture, labor, delays, and lots more!!!,” Schreier said in an enthusiastic tweet.

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Schreier had previously spent eight years of working at Kotaku. While his earlier work focused on news, his later years focused on extensive investigative pieces exploring deeper issues in the gaming industry like crunch culture.

While Bloomberg News might not seem the most obvious place for a games journalist, he’ll be joining other intriguing contemporaries. One of his fellows will be Takashi Mochizuki, a Japanese reporter with Bloomberg News who covers the Asian aspects of the industry.

Several contemporaries are congratulating him on the move. Others, however, are quite critical of his new home, citing several issues with the company. One of these problems is its story “The Big Hack” which has had several issues raised about its credibility.