Animal Crossing trading is being ruined by absurd trader fees

Animal Crossing trading can be a wholesome experience for some, but others are ruining it with mandatory trading fees. Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons entrepreneurs recognize an opportunity when they see one — and they have no problem capitalizing on their advantage.

If you’re unfamiliar with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, here’s a quick primer on trading: a big part of the game is collecting items and villagers. Some of these items just can’t be acquired without trading. Even if you can get an item on your own, it’s often easier to trade for it than waiting to get lucky.

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While some people conduct their Animal Crossing trading fairly and politely, others are keen to make a quick buck. Some folks are simply charging absurd prices for rare items, but others are charging people just to step foot on their island.

Turnips and tickets

Animal Crossing trading airport

One of the most glaring examples is the Animal Crossing trading website Turnip Exchange. Turnips are an item that can be sold at a profit, but they only last 1 week. People therefore want to get the best prices possible, and the lucky few are charging an arm and a leg to get through the door. Just look at this one example:

Entry Fee per RUN (choose 1) 10 [Nook Miles Tickets] ,8 Gold Ore , 8 Rusted Parts, 4 Large Star Fragments Pay upfront or you’ll be kicked

Most of the users I’ve seen on Turnip Exchange are charging an entry fee, but some are happy to just accept donations:

Donations are helpful (: Nook Miles Tickets Gold 99k Bells Thank you so much P.S. – if you bring me more than one nook miles ticket I will give 99k for each one you bring me

Some of these fees are patently absurd, demanding multiple Nook Miles Tickets or hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Bells. Thankfully, not everyone is keen on making you pay up.

Where to do your Animal Crossing trading

Animal Crossing trading stall

If you want to do some Animal Crossing trading without emptying your pockets at the front door, several options exist as noted in this Reddit submission.

One of the better communities on the Internet is the /r/acturnips subreddit. This community strictly bans any kind of mandatory entry fees or tips. They recommend that you tip 10%, but it’s not required — and forcing people to pay up can get you banned from there.

Another possible choice is The Stalk Market Discord server. This particular community also has a strict rule against entry fees along with a built-in review system.

While some people are happy to demand absurd cover charges for high turnip prices or valuable items, others are fighting back with wholesome cooperation. Some people might be greedier than most, but you can find a safe and fun place to do your business thanks to the nicer people out there in the world.