Find the best Animal Crossing turnip prices at this cool fansite

Are you looking for the best Animal Crossing turnip prices? One really cool Animal Crossing: New Horizons fansite has got you covered, but it might cost you to take advantage of these crazy-good deals.

ResetEra highlighted an Animal Crossing: New Horizons website as one of the many ways fans are making up for Nintendo’s lackluster multiplayer offerings. In short, this website more or less acts like a stock exchange, listing people who are buying or selling turnips and the prices they currently have available.

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The site does more than just list prices, though — it also features a queue system that organizes the comings and goings of potential buyers and sellers. Some of these islands have 20–50 people waiting to get in so that they can take advantage of prices as high as 619 bells.

There’s a downside, though — getting the best Animal Crossing turnip prices will cost you. While some people say they’re happy to accept tips, others are requiring that you pay an entry fee like Nook Mile tickets, items, or Bells. The highest prices command the strongest demand, and some people aren’t shy about taking advantage of that.

You can find the best prices for turnips at, but be careful not to get scammed! After all, you’re going on somebody else’s island and you should be careful that they don’t do anything nasty.