The Peaky Blinders video game looks surprisingly good

The Peaky Blinders video game has been revealed in greater detail and it’s looking surprisingly good! While licensed video games are sometimes hit or miss, Peaky Blinders: Mastermind looks like it may be able to live up to one of the greatest shows on Netflix.

If you’re not super-familiar with Peaky Blinders, then you’ve missed out on one of the best shows on Netflix. It tells the tale of the Shelby family, leaders of a gang known as the Peaky Blinders. Loosely based on historical events, the gang focuses on bootlegging liquor and fighting over control of Birmingham’s criminal empire.

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Peaky Blinders: Mastermind will let you experience the underworld intrigue without worrying about playing to the show’s plot. Instead, the Peaky Blinders video game will take place before the events of the first season as the Shelbys are establishing their criminal empire.

You can see this new game in motion over at IGN. If you’re keen on trying your best to take over Birmingham, you can add the Peaky Blinders video game to your wishlist on Steam. You can look forward to it arriving sometime in Summer 2020.