This Modern Warfare skin is basically John Finlay from Tiger King

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare skin in the Season 3 Battle Pass is attracting a lot of attention, but not for the reason you might think. One particular skin in Modern Warfare looks suspiciously similar to John Finlay from the smash Netflix hit Tiger King.

If you’ve been sleeping on Tiger King, you’re missing out on a fantastically-strange Netflix series. It tells the tale of the titular “Tiger King”, a man who runs an exotic animal wildlife refuge in Oklahoma and has a rivalry with a similar zoo in Florida.

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Part of the allure is the strange cast of characters, and one of the newest additions to Modern Warfare bears a striking resemblance to him. The “Yegor” new Modern Warfare skin is practically a lookalike of John Finlay, one of the Tiger King’s romantic interests.

Comicbook notes several odd coincidences. Both characters are shirtless with an array of tattoos all over their upper body. Both characters sport a shaved head. Even their faces look pretty darn close; the only notable difference is the lack of facial hair on the Yegor skin.

So, is this a shout-out or a strange coincidence? A tattoo-covered soldier with a shaved head isn’t exactly novel, but we can’t help but wonder if one of the artists quietly created this skin as a nod to an excellent Netflix show.