The Resident Evil Resistance roadmap looks dreadfully disappointing

The Resident Evil Resistance roadmap has finally been revealed and it’s looking pretty disappointing. If you were hoping to get more content for Resident Evil Resistance (or the Resident Evil 3 remake, for that matter), you’re probably not going to be happy with today’s reveal.

The good news is that we know at least one new playable survivor is on the way. Jill Valentine will be making her way to the game as a playable survivor character.

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When is the Jill Valentine release date in Resident Evil Resistance? Well, you’ll be able to start playing her on April 17, 2020. Unfortunately, the roadmap indicates that that will be the only release for the entire month of April.

Resident Evil Resistance Roadmap 2020

From there, it looks like we’ll be getting some kind of mystery character in May. Odds are strong that the mystery character will be Nikolai, a character that was accidentally added to the game at launch (as was Jill Valentine).

The release of Jill Valentine and Nikolai may have been a mistake, but they still need to officially be launched via the game. However, the bigger picture of the Resident Evil Resistance roadmap looks like it has very little in the way of content.

Again, take note that April and May will be dedicated to just one character apiece. Aside from the fact that we knew these were coming, that’s pretty lackluster content for the first few months of a multiplayer game. The month of June simply states “Under Construction”. Everything from July and onwards isn’t much better, stating “More Updates to Come” without sharing any actual details.

Resident Evil Resistance isn’t really a core game in the franchise, mind, as this was more or less launched as a bonus multiplayer game packaged alongside the Resident Evil 3 remake. Speaking of which, the core game didn’t get any possible DLC details revealed, either. All in all, it’s looking like the post-launch content revealed in today’s Resident Evil Resistance roadmap is pretty lackluster.