Resident Evil 3 remake mod adds ‘classic Jill face and costume’

A new Resident Evil 3 remake mod has added the Classic Jill costume and face, bringing the character’s old-school appearance to the modernized version of the game. The new mod brings the character’s appearance more in-line with actress Julia Voth, who was the basis of the Jill Valentine character model in the 2002 Resident Evil GameCube remake along with later releases.

In the recent Resident Evil 3 remake, Voth was replaced by Russian model Sasha Zotova, while Nicole Tompkins provided the voiceover and motion-capture work for the character. Many fans weren’t happy with this change, with some petitioning for Capcom to reinstate Voth in the role given her long-term affiliation with the character.

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With Capcom going ahead with Zotova in the role, modders have created a way for PC players to experience the game with a Jill Valentine that looks similar to Voth’s character. It also features the original costume that Jill Valentine wore in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, another point of contention for some particularly outraged players after Capcom decided to change up the outfit in the remake.

Screenshots showing classic Jill Valentine in action in the Resident Evil 3 remake can be viewed below:

The mod, created by Darknessvaltier, is available to download on PC via NexusMods.