Resident Evil 3 ‘censored’ Jill’s skirt and people are outraged

It looks like there may have been some changes to the Jill Valentine skirt in the Resident Evil 3 remake. It’s debatable whether or not there even have been changes to the Resident Evil 3 remake Classic Costume, but it’s got the internet in a tizzy nonetheless.

“Jill’s Resident Evil 3 Pre-Order Costume IS NOT her original outfit,” said YouTuber Vara Dark on Twitter. “They changed her skirt to a skort. I guess the Ethics Department wins again…”

“She’s a fictional character set in a fictional apocalypse with fictional monsters[…]” Vara Dark continued. “So why does her clothing need to look realistic? I’m OKAY with realistic outfits but when you are selling people a product that is called ‘Classic Costume Pack’ you should give us that.”

Of course, the hysteria surrounding this moderate alteration in Jill’s clothing hasn’t been without its critics. “The puritans at capcom are making nemesis wear jorts in the resident evil 3 remake,” 9Volt tweeted. “When will this madness end?”

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The debate over the Jill Valentine skirt changes has also raised some questions — was she even wearing a skirt in the first place in the original games? (A “skort”, if you’re unaware, is a skirt with shorts built-in underneath the skirt.)

Others noted several other subtle changes, like the addition of the gun belt (which doesn’t appear in the original art) and a larger overall sweater.

Of course, there are plenty of people making fun of the fans upset about the Jill Valentine skirt changes. Some of them have sarcastically pointed out that her boots are clearly different, lacking the black bands on the boots and having slightly longer socks. Naturally, this too ruins the game for them. Regardless, these minor changes to Resident Evil 3 have no impact on the game itself, aside from making Jill a little more prepared to handle a zombie apocalypse than if she were wearing a mini skirt.