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Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel might be coming back to Appalachia

The Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel isn’t quite as prominent in Appalachia as it is in other games from the franchise. However, it’s looking like that may change: the power-armored paladins might just be coming back to Fallout 76.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, some of the game’s developers chatted about the all-new Fallout 76: Wastelanders update that recently arrived. Some players just couldn’t help asking about upcoming content and the Bethesda devs dropped some juicy hints.

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“I love the Brotherhood of Steel,” enthused the game’s lead designer Ferret Baudoin. “It was a joy to work on them in Fallout 76. So you’re not alone in wanting more with them and the Enclave.”

Project Lead Jeff Gardner, however, had a much more tantalizing response to the same question.

“Let’s just say the Brotherhood is now watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely…” Gardener added.

Does this mean the Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel will be making its return? Game developers are very careful about what they say, so it looks like they’re hinting at something new coming down the pipeline. Unfortunately, whether we’ll get it in a future update or we’ll have to wait for another major expansion is a mystery.

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