Report: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will have co-op, is part of a trilogy

There have been Horizon Zero Dawn 2 rumors for some time,  but some new information states that the second game in the franchise is reportedly on the way. What’s more, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 co-op is said to be a feature of this upcoming sequel — and that’s not all.

VGC reports that they’ve been in touch with “multiple sources” who have some tantalizing news: Sony has greenlit a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. Apparently, the game’s story was set up to play out across multiple games, but the whole plan depended on the reception of the first.

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The first game sold over 10 million copies and it certainly was well-received by critics. That was enough for Sony to greenlight the PC version of the game, and we’re getting more than that — VGC says that Sony has greenlit “ambitious plans” for the future of this franchise.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is reported to have co-op gameplay, too. A special preview demo was said to be on the way, but plans on this preview experience are uncertain.

As for the next game’s eventual home, the rumor mill says that production has shifted over to the PS5. It’s unclear if this sequel will be coming to PC like the first game is going to later this year. If you loved the first Horizon Zero Dawn game, it may be time to start saving up for a next-gen console.