WWE 2K Battlegrounds announced and it’s basically WWE All-Stars 2

There won’t be a WWE 2K21 this year, but there will be a brand-new wrestling game. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is launching with a very strange new look and it kind of looks like WWE All-Stars 2.

Previous wrestling games aimed for a realistic look, but this newer game is going for more of an arcade experience according to a press release. The wrestlers are cartoony and improbably proportioned, making for a radical change in visual style reminiscent of 2011’s WWE All-Stars.

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The game’s teaser trailer has only been up for a short while and the dislikes are quickly outpacing the likes, so it looks like a portion of the community isn’t particularly happy about the shift. However, WWE All-Stars was well-received by those who played it, so this may prove to be another cult hit among wrestling fans.

At this point, given the overwhelmingly negative reception to WWE 2K20, a change of pace might be exactly what the WWE games need. Check out the WWE 2K Battlegrounds trailer below. There are no details about platforms or pricing, but we should expect to hear more about that in the near future.