Fortnite Party Royale revealed as a cool hangout hub

Every now and again, we all like to mess around in a game rather than actually playing it. The Fortnite Party Royale hub has just been revealed as a brand-new way to do just that! It’s just like Fortnite, but minus tiny little things like weapons and materials.

Fortnite Party Royale was first revealed in an e-mail sent to notable leaker Lucas7yoshi. While he certainly posts his fair share of leaks, this is apparently a direct e-mail from Epic Games to him. While Epic could surely garner a lot of attention by making the announcement themselves, it seems that they’ve gone for an alternate strategy with this newest reveal.

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Here’s the relevant portion of the e-mail sent to Lucas7Yoshi:

Party Royale. All chill, no sweat.

Party Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind. We plan to run some tests here this Friday @ 9om EST. These are subject to change, but feel free to come by and check it out.

The party’s just getting started.

Fortnite Party Royale Hub Green

Based on this short bit of text, it looks like Fortnite is looking to make its own sort of hangout hub for players to enjoy. The lack of weapons and mats means that people would be able to run around, hang out, and not worry about the whole “getting shot in the face” thing.

That’s not all: a post on ResetEra suggests that Party Royale may have its own dedicated map. This makes a lot of sense as this new game mode would have different gameplay priorities than the standard version.

Here’s the new leaked map that some people believe will be used for Party Royale:

Having a sort of in-game lobby for hanging out and messing around isn’t particularly new. Overwatch, for example, added something similar a few months ago. Players in that game can opt to hop into the training area or other kinds of games while they’re waiting for their queue to count down.

Fortnite queues can sometimes be kind of long, too, so it makes sense that Epic Games is introducing something like this. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how it will work — will players be able to chill out in the Fortnite Party Royale while they’re waiting for a match, or will it simply be a place to go for something a little different? We can’t say for sure, but let’s hope that we find out sooner rather than later.