Valorant cheaters banned Riot Games dev

Valorant cheaters banned while playing against Riot Games

Valorant cheaters are always in danger of getting the banhammer, but sometimes, a hacker makes a really silly choice. One of these not-so-bright people thought it would be a good idea to cheat in Valorant while playing with a Riot Games developer.

The incident in question was captured during a match from Twitch streamer Volcano.  During this match, we can see that Riot H4xDefender is in the match; only Riot Games employees are allowed to put “Riot” in their name in this fashion, so it’s definitely someone from the developer.

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As seen on Reddit, a few minutes of intense action goes on before the match grinds to a halt for a hilarious reason: someone was dumb enough to be hacking during a match with a developer. That resulted in a pretty quick ban which subsequently closed down the match.

We can’t say for sure who these Valorant cheaters were, but we can say that they weren’t very smart. You can watch the hilarious moment for yourself in the Twitch clip below.

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