Here’s what the Xbox Series X startup screen looks like

Microsoft has released what is likely the first look at the Xbox Series X startup screen. With roughly six months to go until this next-gen console launch, the Xbox Series X boot-up screen gives us our first look at an image that many of us will probably see every day.

We start with a black screen. The Xbox logo gradually fades in with a light behind it. Then, the logo is revealed, shining in all of its next-gen glory. Strangely, Microsoft did not make use of its recent Xbox Series X logo trademark, either.

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As a point of comparison, the Xbox One startup screen is a much brighter green. It’s shorter, too — just under five seconds overall.

The new Xbox Series X startup screen looks pretty cool. Hopefully, we’ve been finding out what games we can play on this cool next-gen console over the next few months. You can see the boot-up sequence for yourself below.