Xbox Series X logo found in new Microsoft trademark

The Xbox Series X has seemingly been found in a trademark filed by Microsoft, with it potentially showing the branding that will be carried by the upcoming console. The reveal was made under-the-radar and was likely not intended to be spotted by the general public, but eagle-eyed Xbox fans were quick to spot the new trademark and share it online.

The new logo, shown above, was found in a trademark application listing before being posted to Reddit. The trademark covers what the logo can be used on, including video games and hardware, along with less traditional uses such as watches and jewelry.

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The logo features a prominent ‘X’ with ‘Series’ alongside it. Unlike the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One logos, the Xbox Series X doesn’t seem to feature ‘Xbox’ in its logo. Instead, it prominently pushes the new ‘Series X’ branding.

Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed the Xbox Series X logo, but this seems to be the real deal. At the very least, it’s likely a logo that Microsoft has toyed with for the upcoming console, even if it isn’t the final design. The prototypes we’ve seen of the Xbox Series X haven’t carried this particular logo thus far, but with Microsoft approaching the planned launch of the console later this year, we should receive confirmation of whether or not this is the final logo in the near future.