Apex Legends Season 5 trailer highlights Loba’s backstory

The Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer has arrived and it gives us an exciting first look at Loba Andrade, the new Legend that’s all set to arrive with the next big Apex Legends update.

The trailer kicks off showing a battle between Mirage and Pathfinder taking place on the surface. Then, the camera pans underground and shows Loba teleporting into an underground facility. We then see a horrifying army of Revenant-style robots revealed as she continues to explore this facility.

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Loba’s father was killed by Revenant and she tries to get her revenge by shooting at a man in a stasis chamber. Unfortunately, a security system kicks in and she’s forced to retreat as an army of security robots attacks her.

Our protagonist is knocked into a deep pit, but she just barely managed to escape by teleporting to the surface. It is then that we see her surrounded by the other Legends; Revenant taunts her, and she takes a shot at him to close out the trailer.

Loba is shaping up to be a pretty cool new addition to the roster! You can see her thrilling new cinematic in the Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer below.