Doom Eternal DLC will have new demons, abilities, and ‘never-before-seen realms’

Id has been quiet about the Doom Eternal DLC that’s supposedly coming later this year. There’s not even a rough roadmap to go by. However, the team spilled some info about it today, revealing the framework of the story and a few vague details.

According to id, the DLC will take place after the events of the main game. The Doom Slayer’s victory saved humanity but left a power vacuum in the heavens and will require “the true ruler of the universe to rise and set things right.” This will take the Doom Slayer to “never-before-seen realms” with new demons and some more abilities.

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Id did not divulge any specifics so we don’t know if these will be new or returning enemies or when we will see them. The team also did not tease what kinds of new abilities will be in the expansion. But id did repost the same screen shots it had posted last week showcasing establishing shots of the new places that seem less like Hell and more like the angelic levels found in the later parts of Eternal‘s campaign.

Doom Eternal DLC will have new demons, abilities, and 'never-before-seen realms'

This isn’t the only DLC id is working on as it is still making new content for Battlemode, which will be free. The game’s first big update is coming later this week, too, and will have Empowered Demons, a few quality-of-life adjustments, and cosmetics for its next event (which should also start later this week). There’s even a new Mullet Slayer costume coming to Twitch Prime subs on May 21. And even though there are no release date associated with some of these upcoming drops, we do know one thing for sure: Mick Gordon will not be making music for any of this content.