Metal Gear Solid cast reunites for a quarantined-themed codec call

We haven’t heard Solid Snake have a codec call in quite some time. However, that recently changed with a short video on Twitter that reunited Metal Gear Solid icons Solid Snake, Colonel Campbell, and Otacon all in one call focused around the ultimate mission: staying inside.

Metal Gear Solid fan and movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared this video on his Twitter account earlier today. In it, David Hayter, Paul Eiding, and Christopher Randolph reprised their roles as Snake, Colonel Campbell, and Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, respectively, to have a conversation about social distancing. Even though Snake is already a somewhat distant character, he can’t seem to stay inside by himself, much to Campbell’s and Otacon’s chagrin. At least he knows about YouTube now.

While a silly video that might be a nice nostalgic rush for fans who have been starved of Metal Gear-related content, it also came with a sort of non-update update on the long-delayed Metal Gear Solid movie. Vogt-Robert shared his desire to have more frequent posts on the film as well as an additional piece of concept art for it from Form Language Studio, showing Metal Gear REX in a large outdoor area that looks suspiciously similar to Death Stranding‘s destroyed America. It’s even got the green mountain and wide, open fields. Tommy Earl Jenkins, who played Die-Hardman in Kojima’s latest game, probably even noticed the similarities as well since he replied with four “fire” emoji symbols and an “OK” sign.

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Hayter even tweeted that it was always “nice to visit with old friends” with his own little snake emoji. Of course, we already know that he would love to reprise the role as Snake. It’s just up to Konami to give him the means to do so.