Superhot PS4 expansion ‘Mind Control Delete’ rated in Germany

The Superhot PS4 expansion Mind Control Delete has been rated by Germany’s USK, the country’s equivalent of the ESRB. This means that it’s likely that the Superhot expansion is on the way for the PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

ResetEra spotted the listings earlier today. At first, only the PS4 version was pointed out as that was one of the most recent additions to the USK website. However, another user noted an interesting little fact: the USK also has ratings for an Xbox One and Google Stadia version.

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It’s not exactly clear what kind of game this will be. Currently, Superhot: Mind Control Delete does not support VR on Steam as an Early Access title. However, it basically just more content for Superhot. That game has been ported to VR, so we may very well see Mind Control Delete make its way to the PSVR.

SUPERHOT PS4 Expansion Mind Control Delete rated gunfire

If you’re not familiar with Superhot, it’s a pretty interesting first-person shooter with an intriguing gimmick: time barely moves at all when a player is standing still. (It does move very slowly, so you can’t just stare at an incoming bullet forever with no consequences.)

Because of the much slower time scale, this lets players plan out their moves and clear out a room full of enemies with little trouble, John Wick-style. You can chop up enemies with a sword, throw random junk to throw them off balance, shoot them, and even smash them in the face with your discarded gun when you run out of ammo. Now, the Superhot PS4 expansion is bringing even more of this fun to consoles players!

For now, though, it seems unlikely that this will be anything other than a vanilla, non-VR release for the Superhot expansion. It should also be noted that there isn’t yet a Nintendo Switch version of the expansion rated which means that it’s probably lagging behind the other three consoles — if it’s coming at all. While we’ll probably hear about the Superhot PS4 expansion pretty soon, your only option to get the game, for now, is on Steam.