Lego Super Mario is getting cool new Power-Up Packs

A bunch of cool new Lego Super Mario Power-Up Packs of just been revealed. These new Lego Super Mario toys are the first batch of post-launch content for the interactive brick-building experience — and it might not be all that’s on the way.

As highlighted by ResetEra, the packs were revealed in a trailer on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. Largely, they focus on four new designs for the actual Mario character, each of which represents one of the power-ups that he can get in his various games.

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Lego fansite The Brick Fan first got wind of these sets a few days ago. There is, however, one interesting omission in the YouTube video — the Action Cubes (71361). We still don’t quite know what this mysterious new item is, but it’s certainly intriguing and may be revealed at a later date (assuming the information is correct).

What are the Lego Super Mario cool new Power-Up Packs?

Lego Super Mario Power-Up Packs assortment

Four new Lego Super Mario Power-Up Packs are on the way, each of which represents one of Mario’s superpowers from his many games. Each Power-Up Pack

Fire Mario

Fire Mario has been around since the very first Super Mario Bros. game, and it’s hard to imagine Nintendo not including something like this. This lets kids pretend to throw fireballs at Mario’s enemies.

Propeller Mario

Propellor Mario lets Mario collect coins by performing tricks in the air. This particular costume is from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Cat Mario

Cat Mario made an appearance in Super Mario 3D World. This suit has Mario making cat sounds, and he can climb up walls to collect coins.

Builder Mario

The Builder Mario suit from Super Mario Maker lets our mustached hero execute devastating slam attacks on Lego bricks to collect coins.

And that’s everything! You’ll be able to purchase these Lego Super Mario Power-Up Packs via the product’s page starting on August 1, 2020.