No, the Animal Crossing update has no new content

An Animal Crossing update went out late last night while the servers were down for a few hours. So, what changed? According to one experienced dataminer, there haven’t been any major changes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

“[There] is no new content in #ACNH 1.2.1; all the data files are entirely unchanged[,]” stated Ninji, a reputable Animal Crossing: New Horizons dataminer. “[It’s” just bug fixes to the game executable[.]”

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Fans might have been hopeful for a new batch of content, but that pretty much dashes any of their hopes. As Ninji stated, last night’s patch just seems to make some changes to the game’s executable — although what those changes are is, for the moment, a mystery.

“I have no more details at the moment as it’ll take a while for my computer to analyse it[,]” Ninji concluded.

The most recent major patch was back in late April and added Leif, Redd, and support for a number of seasonal events like May Day, National Museum Day, and the upcoming Wedding Season.