Online-only Pokemon Go Fest 2020 will be ‘completely reimagined’

After several weeks of relative silence, the plans for an online-only Pokemon Go Fest 2020 have been revealed. If you’re been wondering how Niantic is going to handle one of the biggest Pokemon Go events in the world, we now know the details: it will be a virtual event that can be played from the comfort of your home.

“This year, we’re bringing you a totally reimagined Pokémon GO Fest experience,” stated the announcement on the game’s official website. “[Pokémon] GO Fest 2020 will take place as an entirely global event in a virtual format, which will allow Trainers worldwide to participate from wherever they play.”

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If you’re hoping that this will be a free event, however, you’re going to be disappointed. The announcement talks about purchasing tickets, so it seems that people will have to pay some kind of fee to participate in this event. That said, one ticket will cover you for both days.

More details about this event will be revealed in the coming weeks. For now, you can check out the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 website.

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