Capcom surprise announces Street Fighter 5 Season 5 fighters and stages

Capcom has a surprise in store for Street Fighter 5 fans! Everyone is getting some cool cosmetic choices for free, and that’s not all: Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Season 5 content is on the way, including five new fighters and three new stages!

“We know our players are wondering what’s next for Street Fighter V, so we have some exciting news for you!” stated a machine-translated post on Capcom’s German website. “Since Season 4 and Champion Edition have been so well received by you, we are planning a final season ‘V’ that will let ‘V’ more fighters in the ring. In addition, three new arenas are being planned.”

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The news was first announced in a developer blog on the Capcom website which promptly crashed (and is still down at the time of writing). Thankfully, @Wario64 noted that the company’s German site is still very much online.

Aside from the new Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Season 5 content that’s on the way, Capcom has also announced that all players will be getting free EX09 coloring for all playable characters. If you like to design things, you might also want to take a crack at a costume contest they’re running; two winners will see their creations actually put into the game! More details about Street Fighter 5 Season 5 will be coming over the summer.