Google Stadia 1440p support arrives for high-speed Internet

Google Stadia 1440p support has finally arrived. After a fair amount of work behind the scenes, the Stadia team has enhanced the graphical quality of supported games for Stadia Pro members, but you’re going to need a pretty decent Internet connection to take advantage of it.

“We’ve completed rolling out improved resolution settings,” announced the officila Stadia Twitter account. “Players using a display with a resolution between 1440p and 4K will be able to stream in 1440p instead of 1080p, so long as they meet all of the requirements to play in 4K[.]”

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Note, however, that Google Stadia 1440p support will require a decently-powerful Internet connection. Stadia Pro players looking to reach the level of “Best visual quality” will need to be able to move 20 GB/hr of data, which translates to just under a 45 Mbit/s connection; that may be beyond many gamers on consumer Internet, especially in some of the more underserved locations in the United States.

Either way, Stadia Pro members are now able to play games at an even better resolution — as long as your Internet can keep up.