Destiny 2 teases new Saturn DLC with creepy NASA audio

Some Destiny 2 Saturn DLC may be on the way thanks to a cryptic sound file posted on the game’s official Twitter. Based on what we’ve seen (and heard) so far, it looks like the odds are good that we’ll be getting some new Destiny 2 DLC revealed sometime next week.

Our voyage into the final frontier begins with the reveal of a cryptic sound file on the official Destiny Twitter account. It seems like a bunch of mysterious nonsense at first, but further investigation has revealed that there’s much more to what we’re hearing.

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Have a listen to the mysterious noise for yourself:

From there, the /r/raidsecrets subreddit and a comment on /r/DestinyTheGame have narrowed the sounds down to being very similar to something from our real-world space exploration: the sounds of Saturn.

The Cassini space probe (a.k.a. the Cassini-Huygens space research mission) had been sent out to explore Saturn more than two decades ago. It then spent more than 13 years exploring Saturn and gathering as much data as it could.

A portion of that data was a recording of plasma waves by instruments on the Cassini probe. Researchers converted the recordings into an audio file which sounds strikingly similar to the tweet on the official Destiny account:

Crowdsourced research dug up the above video and one other. In both cases, the audio recordings on YouTube sound very similar to what was posted on the Destiny Twitter account, but it doesn’t exactly line up.

Still, the sounds are close enough to one another that it’s reasonable to assume that they’re related somehow — this may very well be a teaser for some new Destiny 2 Saturn DLC, and things get even more mysterious from there.

Destiny 2 Saturn DLC not a soundwave

Redditors researching the topic have pointed out that the image included in the tweet does not match the sound file’s actual waveform, adding to the mystery.

The “This Week at Bungie” post that dropped yesterday evening makes today’s teaser even more tantalizing. It’s hinting that something new is definitely on the way.

This week at Bungie, we look to the sky.

Ever since this Season began, the Almighty has been hurtling through space on its collision course with Earth. The Cabal are not known for their graceful defeats. Every day we spend preparing our long lost Seraph to mount a response, that derelict destroyer rockets ever closer to our home, spelling certain doom for the City.

Rasputin is at full power. We’re as ready as we’ll ever be. Now, eclipsing our own sun is a stark reminder that a great threat approaches. Eyes up!

Considering the relation of the sound files and the This Week at Bungie post, we’re probably going to be hearing something about some new Destiny 2 Saturn DLC starting sometime next week. You can look forward to more information being revealed in the coming days.