Destiny 2 roadmap revealed, The Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions coming in 2021 and 2022

Bungie not only unveiled the next Destiny 2 expansion — Beyond Light — but it also the next two after that as well. The Witch Queen, the expansion succeeding Beyond Light, is releasing sometime in 2021 while Lightfall, the following expansion, is coming in 2022.

The studio did not go into many details in its stream since these expansions are so far away. General Manager Mark Noseworthy said the team was building the future of Destiny 2 right now inside the game, starting with this fall’s expansion, Beyond Light.

“These three releases represent this new era in Destiny,” said Game Director Luke Smith.

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Smith also stated that the story will continue with Witch Queen and then Lightfall would “drive this all to a moment.” Noseworthy even said this was an era of darkness, given all the loss that has happened in the story. And before moving on, he said that Bungie was “all in” on Destiny 2. This may be at the cost of a sequel in the near future since they also talked about how making Destiny 3 would mean that they would have to essentially abandon Destiny 2.