Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion debuts new ‘Stasis’ damage type

The Destiny 2 Stasis damage type has been revealed as a surprising new addition to the game that will be making its debut in the next few months. The Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion is coming later in the year, and part of it will include a new way to fight your enemies.

“The other thing is Stasis, this new power, isn’t just gonna be Guardian’s supers and abilities,” explained Destiny 2’s Game Director Luke Smith. “It’s a brand new damage type. So that means it’s gonna ultimately sit alongside Solar, Arc, and Void as the first new element we’ve introduced to the game since the original Destiny release way back in 2014.”

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“This is a big deal,” the game’s General Manager Mark Noseworthy added. “It’s a big deal to add this to the universe. It changes everything.”

“And it’s a lot of work,” Smith retorted, laughing.

We got our first new look at the power during the Destiny 2 reveal stream that took place on June 9, 2020. Unfortunately, further details on this new power are a little light — we do know that it’s somehow going to be integrated into the game’s narrative, but how we can get it and use it isn’t entirely clear.

You can expect to find out more about the new Destiny 2 Stasis damage type later in the year. In the meantime, you can watch the Beyond Light reveal below.