Valorant cosmetics prices charge nearly $20 for a single gun

Microtransactions in a free-to-play game can sometimes be kind of nuts and Valorant cosmetics prices are no different. Some brand-new premium items have dropped in the Valorant Store and the prices on some of the higher-end guns are a little ridiculous: Riot Games is charging nearly $20 for a single high-end gun skin.

Consider, for example, the Prime Guardian Rifle. That costs 1,775 Valorant Points… which is wholly devoid of context until you know how much they cost.

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How much are Valorant Points?

  • 475 points for $4.99
  • 1,000 points for $9.99
  • 2,050 points for $19.99
  • 3,650 points for $34.99
  • 5,350 points for $49.99
  • 11,000 points for $99.99

The way Valorant cosmetics prices are set up, it’s not possible to buy that one single, high-end gun without spending at least $19.99 on 2,050 Valorant Points. You’ll then have 275 Valorant Points left over, which really isn’t enough to get most things in the game. That means you’ll have to buy more Valorant Points to get something else.

Valorant Cosmetics Prices currency

There are bundles available in Valorant, but even those can get pretty pricey. As an example, the “Prime Collection” will give you 5 high-end items for 7,100 Valorant Points. Once again, there’s not much in the way of good options — you’d have to buy a $50 bundle and a $20 bundle to just have enough Valorant Points.

Aside from the Valorant Points shenanigans, one must also look at the price. 100 points roughly equal $1.00, so you’re looking at about $17.50 for a single gun or around $71.00 for a bundle of five guns.

Valorant Cosmetics Prices storefront

Some of these gun skins I’ve talked about aren’t entirely representative of Valorant cosmetic prices; there are cheaper guns. However, even the cheaper guns are still pretty pricey. The least expensive items I’ve seen in the shop on June 11, 2020, are weapons that cost 875 Valorant Points.

At the minimum, you’re probably going to have to spend at least $9.99 (plus any applicable taxes) to get just one gun skin. I understand that free-to-play games need to make money, but Valorant cosmetics prices might be a little on the expensive side.