The new Fortnite Crew subscription is totally worth it

Update: The Fortnite Crew subscription page is now live.

The Fortnite Crew subscription service has just been revealed, giving players a new way to get extra content for Epic Games’ Battle Royale experience. This Fortnite subscription looks like a really good value, especially because it includes V-Bucks, access to the Battle Pass, and Monthly Crew Packs featuring Outfit Bundles.

Fortnite has had an interesting time over the last few months. The game is returning to iOS via Cloud Gaming and a recent leak shows that modding may be on the way. Now, a new surprise has arrived seemingly out of left field: Fortnite is getting a monthly subscription service. What is even more surprising, however, is that this subscription looks like an exceptionally good value.

Why the Fortnite Crew subscription is a good value

Fortnite Crew subscription Battle Pass price V-Bucks

The Fortnite Crew subscription will give players a lot of stuff every month including a stipend of V-Bucks and some exclusive content. Here’s what players get as part of their subscription:

  • Access to the current Fortnite Battle Pass
  • 1,000 V-Bucks every month
  • A “Monthly Crew Pack” featuring an exclusive Fortnite Outfit Bundle every month

In total, this will cost players $11.99/month, making it an exceptional value whether you’re playing on PC or one of the next-gen consoles. Let’s start with the prices: A Fortnite Season lasts around 10 weeks and the Battle Pass costs around $10 — this works out to roughly $4/month if you’re always buying a Battle Pass. Then, there are the V-Bucks — 1,000 V-Bucks costs $8.99, so the Fortnite Crew subscription is already a good value on these two items alone.

The cherry on top, however, is the “Monthly Crew Pack.” This monthly Fortnite Outfit Bundle will only be available to Fortnite Crew subscribers. In short, players get the Battle Pass, some V-Bucks, and exclusive outfits every month for a much lower price than what it would cost to buy everything separately.

Players can sign up for their Fortnite Crew subscription starting on December 2, 2020, at the price of $11.99/month or the regional equivalent. Don’t worry if you’ve already bought the latest Battle Pass, either — Epic Games will refund the V-Bucks to players who intend to join the Fortnite Crew.