Fortnite modding is ‘in the works’ and Epic Games is trolling leakers

Fortnite modding is “100% in the works” according to a well-known leaker, and that’s not all he discovered — Epic Games has taken to trolling leakers by including amusing secret messages in the game’s internal files.

Epic Games has been coming out with more and more new Fortnite features every few weeks, solidifying its position as one of the most popular Battle Royales in the world. The company has largely been focused on the upcoming PS5 version and its debut on iOS cloud gaming, but that’s apparently not all it’s been working on — it looks like Fortnite modding might be arriving sometime soon.

‘Damning’ info hints at Fortnite modding, but details are still unclear

Epic Games has been engaged in an ongoing battle against leakers in an attempt to protect its upcoming content and it’s developed a silly new strategy: it is now using the leaks themselves as teasers. One recent leak states “just wait till u see what comes tomorrow” via two file names. Although this is amusing, the details about how Fortnite modding could work are even more tantalizing.

New information added in the most recent patch shows what appears to be a unique code for working with user-created content. Fortnite already has a lot of user-created content, so this part on its own isn’t all that interesting. What is surprising, though, is that this unique code is associated with a plugin.

“The name of the plugin tho is similar to how they store other, [user-created] content,” read a tweet from Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi. “So all this stuff just yells to me ‘[user-created] plugins’ = ‘modding’.”

Keep in mind, this is also based on leaked data — it’s entirely possible that modding may never come to the game. At the minimum, it looks like Fortnite modding may allow players to create their own plugins for the game if this feature actually launches in the future. However, there are still a lot of details that are uncertain — how extensive will this modding be? What will the limitations be? There is not enough information to say for sure just yet, but it’s certainly exciting.