Fortnite PS5 ‘isn’t just a tweaked PS4 build,’ Epic says

The upcoming Fortnite PS5 version will be a little different than some players might expect — it won’t be an upgraded PS4 build of the game. Rather, Epic Games has created a custom version of the game that allows it to “take full advantage of the new hardware’s power.”

Fortnite has been having some trouble with mobile devices,  but players can still look forward to the next-gen console launch. It was first announced for next-gen consoles all the way back in March. Since then, Epic Games has been relatively quiet about specific details in the lead-up to Xbox Series X and PS5 launch until recently.

The Fortnite PS5 version will be better than Xbox Series X

Fortnite PS5 not PS4 build adaptive triggers shooting

One of the more surprising reveals in recent days was that the Fortnite PS5 version will have some advantages over the Xbox Series X version. In terms of graphics, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will run at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. The differences, however, come down to some unique features of the PS5. The PS5 Activities feature will let players easily jump into queue for battle, but some of the more interesting improvements are a result of the DualSense controller’s features.

Trigger pull feedback will give players the same “authentic resistance” that they would feel using a real gun. For weapons like the bow and the minigun, the DualSense will use its “sustained feedback” feature to allow players to feel the resistance of a bow’s drawstring or the minigun’s trigger.

The most stunning new piece of information, however, is that the Fortnite PS5 version isn’t simply a port of the PS4 version with some upgraded graphics. Instead, Epic Games has built a “bespoke” version of the game to make the most out of the PS5’s hardware. While the PlayStation blog post detailing these next-gen features doesn’t mention the Xbox Series X, it’s likely that Epic Games similarly created a custom build for that console, too.

What does this mean for Fortnite PS5 players? A simple port of the PS4 version might not have gotten players the best possible performance in terms of graphics, framerate, and loading times. Epic Games creating a custom version of Fortnite for the PS5 allows the game to have the best possible performance, making the next-gen version of this Battle Royale yet another reason to jump into the next console generation sooner rather than later.