Fortnite PS5 features more improvements than Xbox Series X version

Fortnite on PS5 will feature more unique features than the Xbox Series X version, Epic Games has confirmed. This will include haptic feedback with the DualSense controller and players being able to select their favorite Fortnite modes directly from the PS5 home screen.

The new Fortnite features improvements were confirmed by Epic, with the company confirming that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will run at 4K 60 FPS, while the Xbox Series S will output at 1080p 60 FPS though will feature many of the same visual and physicals improvements.

What are the Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series X improvements and features?

fortnite ps5 xbox series x features improvements

However, the PS5 version will have a couple of advantages. Firstly, Fortnite will take advantage of the DualSense controller. “Haptic feedback makes it feel like you’re holding the Suppressed SMG or Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle,” Epic revealed. “In addition to general vibration support, we’ve integrated haptic trigger feedback for ranged weapons on the new DualSense controller.”

Fortnite will also make use of the PS5 Activities feature to allow quick access to its modes. “Fortnite supports PS5’s Activities, starting with the ability to go straight into the Battle Royale Lobby with either Solo, Duos, or Squads selected,” Epic added. “Once in the Lobby, choose to queue up for your selected mode!”

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will boast dynamic visuals and physics, which includes “grass and trees responding to explosions, enhanced fluid simulations for smoke and liquid (cooler-looking smoke and liquid effects), and all-new Storm and cloud effects.”

The list of advantages for both next-gen Fortnite versions can be found below:

Fortnite Xbox Series X improvements

  • 4K Resolution at 60 FPS on Series X
  • Dynamic Visuals and Physics on Series X
  • 1080P Resolution at 60 FPS on Series S
  • Faster Loading Times
  • Enhanced Split Screen at 60 FPS

Fortnite PS5 improvements

  • 4K Resolution at 60 FPS
  • Dynamic Visuals and Physics
  • DualSense Controller Immersion
  • Select Your Favorite Mode from the PS5 Home Screen
  • Faster Loading times
  • Enhanced Split Screen