PS5 size comparisons suggest it’ll struggle to fit in your TV unit

Image Credit: @PadPoet/Twitter

New PS5 size comparisons suggest it will be larger than the Xbox Series X, PS4, and even the PS3, with Sony’s new console looking like it may struggle to fit in owners’ TV units. The comparisons have been released after yesterday’s PS5 event, with Sony offering us the first look at the hardware that will power its next generation.

The PS5 is certainly a hefty piece of equipment. Releasing in two different variations, a digital-only edition and one equipped with a disk drive, both stand as tall as each other with the latter having an extra curve to accommodate the drive. For those who thought the Xbox Series X was pushing the boundaries of just how large a modern console should be, the PS5 has outdone Microsoft in this department, with some unfavorably comparing it to a router.

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While opinions are split on the PS5’s design, viewers of its reveal event have used Sony’s images of it standing alongside the DualSense controller to offer an estimate of its size. The end result of these findings suggest that some PS5 owners may struggle to find a place to put it:

While Sony hasn’t offered official dimensions of the new console, there’s no doubt that it’s set to be sizeable. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that despite its curved design, it will be able to be positioned horizontally.

Here’s Game Revolution’s live reaction to its controversial design:

We’ll have to wait to see just how big the PS5 is when Sony provides more details on the console later this year.