PS5 startup screen sneakily revealed by Sony

It looks like the PS5 startup screen was snuck into last’s night’s PS5 reveal stream by Sony. We got to enjoy an hour-long presentation showing off “The Future of Gaming” and there was certainly a lot to see, but it seems like Sony couldn’t resist teasing us with what’s to come right after the Hitman 3 reveal.

More than two dozen PS5 games were revealed last night during the epic PS5 reveal stream. These new titles included a longer look at Ghostwire TokyoHorizon 2: Forbidden West, and a bunch of other neat games. One of the reveals, however, had a particular surprise.

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Hitman 3 was one of the slightly more surprising reveals during last night’s show; while a new Hitman game was certainly expected at some point in the future, it wasn’t entirely clear that was what we were getting until we saw Agent 47 making an appearance. Then, we finally got our first look at the PS5 startup screen.

PS5 startup screen Hitman 3 sneaking

“See important health and safety warnings in the Settings menu,” states a legal disclaimer at the very beginning of the PS5 startup screen. We then see a field of particles explode into an expressive dance on the screen while a ray of light is cast from above.

After a short delay, the PlayStation logo makes an appearance and a prompt appears for the player to press the PS button on their controller. Once the button is pressed, the screen fades to black. While we did get a look at the startup screen, Sony has decided to end the teaser there and not let us get a look at the new home screen just yet.

You can see the PS5 startup screen for yourself below. We now know what the PS5 looks like and how cool the startup sequence is — all that’s left to learn is how much this next-gen console is going to cost us.