It Takes Two announced by Mr. F*** the Oscars

Josef Fares, writer and director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out and notorious hater of the Oscars, has finally announced his studio’s next game, It Takes Two. It is a co-op action platformer coming in 2021 that Fares claims will “blow your fucking mind away.” EA didn’t show more than brief in-engine snippets of the game, but Fares did talk a little bit about the title.

It stars a small family going through a divorce. The daughter, Rose, is sad about the whole ordeal and creates two dolls that come alive. These dolls are the playable characters. He then spoke about the marriage between the mechanics and storytelling, which is something he’s done in his prior two titles.

“There’s even levels where we are actually making a mechanic for their emotions,” explained Fares. “So, again, marrying the story and mechanics. And I think that is going to feel very new, different, and unique. They haven’t played anything like this before.”

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Given the premises and focus on co-op storytelling, It Takes Two seems like it’ll continue the trend Hazelight started with Brothers and A Way Out.