John Oliver can’t wait to ‘murder dinosaur robots’ in Horizon Forbidden West

We didn’t see much about the PS5 title Horizon Forbidden West from the reveal stream, but we do know it will at least have robotic dinosaurs. Comedian John Oliver is also aware of this feature as he recently joked about the game on the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight. In it, he said he quipped that said he would “stomp anyone who stands between [him] and that game.”

“I want to murder dinosaur robots with flaming arrows and I want to do it now,” said the British comedian.

The segment contained a setup bit about the PS5, which a few jabs that poked fun at its unique appearance. He likened the upcoming console to an “alien’s waffle maker” and a “penguin designed by Apple” before moving onto Guerrilla Game’s upcoming title. You can view the segment below at around four minutes and 28 seconds in or this concise clip from Twitter user Nibel.

Obviously, this is all a joke and is one of the many goofs littered throughout an episode on a thoroughly dark topic: the COVID-19 pandemic. Oliver’s show has been covering the pandemic and surrounding implications for weeks and making the sole focus of nine of the last 15 episodes. This episode, as you can see, centers around evictions. Oliver hasn’t covered video games that extensively but briefly touched on them in the Online Harassment episode from 2015.