Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay will be revealed this weekend

Devolver Digital has dropped a surprise announcement — a Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay reveal will be taking place this Saturday as part of the inaugural Devolver Direct, one of the many gaming livestream events that are taking place over the summer. This awesome showcase from Devolver Digital will be jam-packed with some pretty cool games and one of them will be the Shadow Warrior sequel that we’ve all been hoping for.

On the off chance you’re unfamiliar with Shadow Warrior, it’s a pretty great first-person shooter experience that stretches back decades. It recently got a resurgence with an all-new remake in 2013; that game was followed by the sequel Shadow Warrior 2 in 2016. Both games were pretty fantastic, and now a third game is about to join the revived franchise.

“Shadow Warrior 3 from Flying Wild Hog shoots, slices, and wall runs the offbeat series to the next level in 2021!” Devolver Digital said in a tweet. That tweet also stated that we’ll be getting a Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay reveal on July 11, 2020, as part of the Devolver Direct streaming event.

Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay reveal nope

Aside from its thrilling 80s aesthetic, Shadow Warrior shines with its superb shooter gameplay and comedic banter. Players can opt to wield a variety of guns to blow away their demonic foes if they like, but it’s way more fun to bust out your magical katana and slay your enemies with all sorts of cool powers.

All the while, you’ll be working together with a magical fox demon represented by an ancient mask. Your mystical friend is a little bit… different, to say the least, but his silly comedic stylings are part of the charm.

We’ll be able to get our first look at Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay as part of the Devolver Direct stream on July 11, 2020. For now, you can check out the awesome teaser trailer below to get hyped for this upcoming threequel. You can also add Shadow Warrior 3 to your wishlist on Steam, and you can catch up on the franchise thus far by picking up the Shadow Warrior Collection on sale on Steam as part of the Steam Summer Sale 2020.