Watch Dogs: Legion PS4 pre-order gets a huge discount

If you’ve been thinking about making a Watch Dogs: Legion PS4 pre-order, now is probably the best time to do it. The Watch Dogs: Legion Xbox One and PS4 editions have just gotten a massive discount out of nowhere, and we can’t say for sure how long it’s going to stick around.

As one might expect for a next-gen AAA release, Watch Dogs: Legion is priced at $59.99. @Wario64 highlighted a crazy sale on the PS4 edition of the game which dropped the price to $39.99. Unfortunately, nothing that good can last and this massive discount disappeared very quickly — but you can still save on your Watch Dogs: Legion PS4 pre-order. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game have been discounted to $49.94, a 17% savings!

Watch Dogs: Legion continues the story of the Watch Dogs universe in a new way. As the subtitle might note, the “Legion” in this game is an army of regular people, any which of whom you can take command of as you play. Each of these heroes has their own archetypes with special abilities and talents.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on this game, it’d probably be best to take advantage of this deal and pre-order for just $49.94 — you’ll save yourself a good ten bucks! In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing this game in action as part of the upcoming Ubisoft Forward Stream on July 12, 2020.