Capcom wants to know if you think Resident Evil Village is scary enough

Resident Evil Village was one of the more entertaining reveals during the recent PlayStation E3 replacement stream and Capcom is looking for feedback: they want you to participate in a survey and let them know if you think its new name, which marks a transition away from its expected Resident Evil 8 moniker, is scary enough.

The survey asks gamers a bunch of questions about the trailer reveal. Some of them show concern about the name itself and whether or not people think the name of the game is Village or Resident Evil Village. On the same subject of the name, Capcom wants to know whether or not you think “Village” actually sounds like a scary title.

Resident Evil Village is a significant change of pace for the series. With its mainline series mostly featuring numbered entries up until this point, Capcom may be concerned that titling the new release Village will confuse a casual playerbase. Also, Village isn’t a particularly scary title taken out of context, so the publisher could be wondering if the average consumer will even recognize that it’s a survival-horror game in the vein of previous RE games.

As one might expect, game companies use surveys such as this to figure out what they’re going to do in the coming months. Some of the questions are particularly relevant for what we might get to see next; Capcom asks if we’d prefer to see more gameplay or learn about the story. Furthermore, the company asks players to let them know if they’d be interested in playing a demo.

For now, you can do your part and take the Resident Evil Village survey to tell Capcom what you think of its upcoming game. If you’ve missed the game’s intense Announcement Trailer, you can give it a watch below.