Rumor: Black PS5 with red lighting leaked in promo image

black PS5 has allegedly appeared in promotional material, showing a version of the upcoming console Sony has not yet revealed. The PS5 appears in an ad that features a bunch of technology, with it depicting a black version of the hardware that features red lighting. A matching DualSense controller is also featured in the image.

Sony debuted the PS5 last month, revealing the white hardware with blue lighting. Since then, many have wondered if Sony will also release a black variant of the console, which will be more in line with previous PlayStation consoles.

Now, an image has appeared that reportedly shows what the as-yet-unconfirmed black PS5 will look like. ResetEra user BarrBarr claims that their employed received the following promotional image, showing the black PS5 next to a bunch of other Sony products:

The image is curious for a couple of reasons. The PlayStation branding is typically blue, just as Xbox is green and Nintendo is red, meaning that the red lighting would mark a departure from this. As many are likely to buy the black version of the console over the white, it’s questionable if Sony would choose to run with red lighting over blue. Also, is Sith red really the color Sony would opt for? Making its next console look like Kylo Ren’s helmet is certainly a unique design choice.

Still, the design of the white PS5 is ostentatious enough that this image could be real. We can’t verify if this is the case, so take this image with a pinch of salt, though it’s certainly interesting to think that the black PS5 could look so radically different from its predecessors. At the very least, it’d certainly please Star Wars fans.