New Japanese Ghost of Tsushima trailer feels like a samurai movie

new Japanese Ghost of Tsushima trailer has launched exclusively for that country and it’s giving off some serious samurai movie vibes. We’re just one week away from the Ghost of Tsushima release date and this cool new video shows us a game we’ve all been waiting for in a new light.

Earlier trailers for Ghost of Tsushima have certainly been stylish, but this new one is certainly unique. Gigantic Kanji characters emblazon themselves on the screen amidst the brutal action, all of which is set to the awe-inspiring traditional music of the Japanese culture.

Fans of samurai films will recognize the style: this practically looks like a trailer for a brand-new samurai epic coming to the silver screen. It’s certainly an apt comparison as Ghost of Tsushima has everything you need for a good samurai tale: a fall from grace, a determination to move forward, and a legion of terrifying enemies to overcome.

Thankfully, you won’t have to choose between playing as a samurai or ninja in this upcoming game from Sucker Punch Productions. You can start pre-loading Ghost of Tsushima right now, and you should definitely experience all of the epic samurai glory for yourself in the new Japanese Ghost of Tsushima trailer below.