Ghost of Ikishima standalone expansion DLC of Ghost of Tsushima rumored to be in development

A new rumor is making the rounds stating that a standalone DLC sequel to Ghost of Tsushima with a release date of this year called Ghost of Ikishima. Given the whispers of a PS5 upgrade and a PC release of the original game, it’s not farfetched to think Sucker Punch Productions may have a bit more story content in store for us as well.

Note: Spoilers below for Ghost of Tsushima

What will Ghost of Ikishima be about?

Ghost of Ikishima map

Ikishima (also known as Iki Island) is located southeast of Tsushima and was also hit hard in the Mogol invasions during the 13th century. Since Jin has largely liberated his homeland in Ghost of Tsushima, Ikishima would be a logical next destination for him.

Ikishima is around a quarter of the size of Tsushima, which makes it perfect for a standalone DLC. While we probably won’t see the same length of gameplay we got from the original, there’s definitely enough territory here to craft a bite-sized adventure.

Another reason Ghost of Ikishima makes sense is that the island is on the way to the Japanese mainland. Since his uncle has rejected him for breaking the Samurai code, Jin will likely continue his campaign against the Mongols, who at this point are still attacking other Japanese territories. We can assume that Ghost of Tsushima 2 (or Ghost of Nagato) will feature a larger map located in Kyushu. After the events of Ghost of Ikishima, Jin will likely travel to the mainland during the conclusion of the invasions. Of course, since Ghost of Tsushima contains many fictional elements (for example, katana weren’t in use until around the 15th century), we may see a different version of events.

For now, it’s best to take rumors about Ghost of Ikishima with a grain of salt. No substantial evidence of its existence has been shown, and it may be just another person chasing clout or repeating some ephemeral “insider” info they can’t confirm.